April 27, 2009

Yup, so I’ve sorta kinda forgotten this blog. well, not really, I’ve just been extremely unconcious about it, I haven’t offered it a single thought lately, not creative anyway. We’re russ this year. If you don’t know what it is, google it or something. Well, in short, russ means that we drink a lot and party a lot, solemnly swear to be up to no good and drive around wearing red pants in red vans. And society loves us! Yay. We roam around, drunk and disordedly, ripping towns apart, scearing old women, flushing little children with our gigantic water-guns and spending some 250 million on parties and alcohol, all added up. And we listen to trance. Hard fuckin’ style!

So, I’m thinking. All this alcohol, sleepless nights, happy graduates in their late teens all dressed in light clothes all kissing around we all turn very reduced. And with all this flu and viruses and shit filling the air, I don’t know how many of us is going to live to see the summer. Another thought I recently mused upon is what if this swine-nazi-flu is really a zombiepandemic breaking out? I ain’t probably the only one with these thoughts, I checked the web, and there’s a lot of people who’s scanning every article on this. Feels good to know that at least some preparations are being made in case of a zombie-holocaust. I myself is upgrading to ZomCon4 this very moment. Gather water and guns. Kill Philip.

Ben, out.


March 18, 2009

Thanks to my good friend Ole, www.mentalconstipation.wordpress.com, I was introduced to www.pictureisunrelated.wordpress.com a mind-bug-fuck site consisting of pictures with a high factor of WTFitude.
I just wanted to share this and tell you all (a-lol, ALL? Who am I trying to fool?) that I’m trying to be more productive/creative, and write more. Well, I’ve got some unpublished material scattered all over the house, so sooner now than before!



March 7, 2009

“That was Sawyer from HQ.” Carter said, hanging up the phone and turning to Murray. “He said he wanted us down at Richardsson’s by five, something ’bout a priest being shot down by St. Marie’s…” Murray didnt respond, but continued to wipe his spectacles. Carter went over to the little bed of flowers he kept in the far corner of the office where the two detectives kept business, reached for a knife and started to caress a large, pink petunia that really could use a more healthy enviroment than the smoke filled room. Murray put his glasses back on. He got up, helped himself to a pack of Pall Mall cigarettes and went over to the window. “You want a smoke?” Carter didn’t answer. “This is the fourth priest this month, Perry.” He opened the window, spat out of it and turned to sit on the cill. Carter got up, wiped his hands and leaned, as nonchalant as his associate, to a bookshelf beside his beloved garden. They stood like this a few seconds, none saying anything, just taking in the big city spring air. The sun broke thrugh and filled the room in a pleasant, april coloured shade of restlessness. They both hungered for a cup of coffee. Neither of them wanted to be the one to take the initiative.


March 4, 2009

It’s springy (:

It’s been long now, since I’ve posted something new here. Why? Hell, I don’t know. I guess I’ve been busybusybusy. And slightly tranquilized when it comes to creativity and writing. though I’ve been composing a few things! For my band, Medikament. a song called Sea of Tranquility…Now that’s way old, but we’ve finished it, and we’re playing it at a local talent show come saturday, hopefully, it’ll be properly recieved and we’ll enter the competition. The UKM finale in Fredrikstad, if so, we might be sent on, further in the competition to the NATIONAL UKM gathering in the holymost city in Norway, Trondheim. If it sounds nazi, it’s because it’s Norwegian.
I’ve also been scetching around some quite epic songs, pianobased monsters, inspired by communists and war, frankly because everything we learn in school these days has got to do with revolutions, communists and WW2. Not that it is bad inspiration, just kinda morose.

Whaa…so…Yeah. No real news, no real new ideas either. I’m kind of on a Muse roll at the time. I made nachos today. Needs more onion.


February 24, 2009

Ta meg ned, det er på tide.
Trodde jeg jeg kunne lide
Det millioner led?

Dachau, Buchenwald og Belsen
Hvor var jeg og hvor var frelsen?

Menneskene har bedratt meg
Gud og djevel har forlatt meg
Ta meg ned og før meg bort

La den siste, bleke jøde
Vidne om de andre døde
Bedre enn hva jeg kunne gjort


Lansegapet i min side
Tornekronen hva var det?

Nylig slo et barnehjerte
Hjelpeløst i angst og smerte
I en gassovn

Ta meg ned…Jeg var der ikke
Redselen i barneblikket
Morens gråt gikk meg forbi

Knus mitt kors som ikke kunne
Redde de som gikk til grunne
-Gjør verden fri!


January 14, 2009

***A creative fact***

Edu-faires will be the end of your knees.
Spend an hour in the EduBar.
It will make them wunderbar.

I really like this new theme, it’s simpler, tastier, and the header gives the right kind of feeling. I’ve spent the entire day walking around inside somekind of concrete hangar trying to pin down my future. Tough job. I decided to have a Yes Man day and every offer that was thrown my way would be kindly accepted. Thing was that every single person in there wanted to sell their school to as many as possible. I have no idea how many folders I’ve filled in today. It all accumulated in hundreds of flyers and magazines, an unknown ammount of candy and lots of free pens, rubbers, random clap-on-stuff, and interesting sollutions to the student’s everyday problems.
Tomorrow, I will develop my swing skills. A-one, a-two!

Oh, and please visit www.fudgemunch.wordpress.com!



January 4, 2009

A new list!

A list of shady business.

The milk industry
Apperture Science
Fox news
Al Queda
Days with less than two hours of light
Fifteen-twenty hours of sleep and still waking up tired
Tokyo Hotel
Fancy coffee stuff that changes names to fit the season i.e “winter latte”
Ground operations
The mood of my cat

And so on…Mayhaps a less cheerful list.


January 4, 2009

To the NYPD

I’m listening to fairytale of New York by the Pogues and that other lady MacColl something and I’m getting all queezy. It’s been a weird year. But a good one, full of  oppourtunities, challenges, achievements and so forth. I think it’s been the most interesting year of my life and I truly hope that the forthcoming will be as full of impressions and surprises as the one we are now leaving.
The things I’ve learned and the things I’ve gone through have all, to say it very artistic, sort of filled in the blank edges of the map, ofcourse leaving large areas empty and uncharted. I feel like a more compound and complex human. And I’ve learned to not care so much for trivial things. But I bring them with me still, though I do not run them through in my head over and over again. This prevents me from giving everything another reason and it prevents me from looking at things from the wrong perspectives. “To call everything by its right name.”
So my resolutions for the coming year is…To stop getting lighter, to close all my weird psycho malfunctions inside the year that has passed. I shall also excercise more, I will take better care of my skin, I will enjoy slalom and ice scates so much that my ancles will look like logs by may, I will also be getting my drivers licence FOSHIZZLE. And I shall try not to suffer from insomnia, phantom depression, anxiety or any other emorelated bullshit illness in the forthcoming year. I will also try the best I can to get my band MEDIKAMENT as far as possible. We rock.

So to a happy and blissfull new year to all!
I’m ready for another one (:


December 13, 2008

Homage to Bill Watterson.

A few days ago, as the Gods had granted us the most satisfying, thick, white rug of snow the kid in me woke. The snow held the perfect temperature and was what we like to call kram. It was ideal for artistic expressionism.
An hour later, I could behold what looked like a psychotic children’s fantasy wearing my black bowlerhat.

Then came two degrees plus, and mr. Snowman sagged more and more each day until he is now laying flat on the ground, still smiling his crazy, demented grin.



December 5, 2008

Unlikely places where I have found unlikely things.

A ditch – Best night of sleep I’ve ever had.
An empty thermose – A diamond ring
In an oilstain – Perfect beauty
On a blackboard – The meaning of life
Under a lavvo-floor – Understanding
In an old canoo – A litter of kittens
In a pie – Deception
In a glass of water – A frog’s leg
In a president – Incompetence
In a closet – Woodrow Wilson’s diary
In a doll’s head – A letter from the east front
In birch bark – Salvation
In a dead shell – a silver spoon
In an old umbrella – The vision of a dead bird

To be continued.